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Velvet (2013) #15

Velvet  15

No more Velvet. At least not for now; this arc ends with the end of Velvet’s initial storyline. I really should have known if it was just intended for fifteen issues. I always want that Brubaker ongoing, he always goes twelve to twenty. Or in that range. Enough to make fans out of the book, but then not to fully deliver on its possibilities.

Except with Velvet. The comic has always been very upfront about what it’s doing–it’s a spy thriller, it’s got Epting art, it’s not too creative in terms of the narrative. It’s a “cool” book. Brubaker and Epting doing a mainstream, “cool” indie title. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt Velvet is prime for media development. It is 2016, after all.

And, Velvet, the character, has never been much more than cool. She’s a great protagonist, but Velvet isn’t about her being likable or even relatable. It’s about her being cool and doing cool things, usually involving guns, car chases, subterfuge, explosions and gliding. When Brubaker returns to her narration of the book for the last few pages, it had been so long since Velvet had that kind of internal self-examination, I forgot it was one of the book’s narrative devices. And it’s been fine without it. Less ambitious maybe, but not by much.

Brubaker, Epting and colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser deliver, because of course they do. Brubaker’s mastered comics pulp and always has the right artist for it.

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  1. V Wiley

    Yes, if there were one glaring deficiency on Velvet, it’s our lack of connect with the lead character. That the gang here were able to completely 360 their way to the finish after the somewhat disastrous penultimate issue gives me reason again to cheer for Brubes, after Fade Out’s conclusion, as well as the 2016 Criminal one shot, as one of the writers of the year. Brubes is proving so far as worthy of the crown. As he lines up projects one after another, he gives us the impression of a creator that has a much larger bag of tricks, and can’t wait to share. Good for us.

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