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Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham (2015) #3

Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham  3

Well, it’s easily the best Miracleman from Gaiman so far. Still no Miracleman, but the comic is pretty solid. It’s pretending to be high concept but isn’t (it’s actually the template for lots of the standard, and acceptable, Vertigo series of the early nineties). Gaiman tells the story of Hades in Miracleman’s Golden Age… it’s where the aliens bring back famous dead people.

The lead is the sixth Andy Warhol android. Gaiman avoids the “mystical” skillfully, maybe more skillfully than anything else he does in the comic. A big character reveal in the last few panels changes the comic a little. For the better.

Unfortunately, Gaiman’s Warhol is a weak narrator. The story of an Emil Gargunza android hanging out with Warhol–and Gaiman doing some really obvious looks at how “celebrity” functions–is actually something. Gaiman’s choices are interesting, because Buckingham is more than willing to indulge–and Warhol’s so technically predictable (as an artist), it works for a comic. It’s all on the nose, but it’s a good nose.

Gaiman’s writing of the characters in scene–not that narration–is good. His reserved approach forces involvement and investment from the reader.

It’s a good issue. Even if a solid quarter of Buckingham’s full page spreads are technically wonderful but narrative eye-rolls.

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  1. V Wiley

    You know, initially I waited to read this as originally Gaiman to me was not going to be a successor on Miracleman to Moore. The first two put me off from continuing it any further. The ho hum scripts by Gaiman were sparce enough, but the early art by Buckingham wasn’t ready for prime time. Sadly, these would probably work for todays audience if Marvel weren’t so greedy about charging 5 bucks an issue for them. Not for this quality. Sorry I couldn’t make the third.

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