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The Eltingville Club (2014) #2

Eltingville Club

Is there something better than this issue of The Eltingville Club? Probably. It’s only my second issue of the book and it’s the last one ever. Supposedly.

Hopefully not.

Because this comic, which comes so long after the first I forgot Dorkin was doing another, is worth the wait. Dorkin puts a lot of work into the art. He puts a lot of work into the writing. His visual pacing of the jokes is phenomenal. The only problem with this comic is choking from all the laughter. It might have even hurt at one point, I was laughing so hard.

The issue takes place ten years after the previous one. The club members have all grown up, all developing further into comic fandom thanks to the Internet and life decisions. Questionable ones, usually.

Dorkin does a great job finishing Club. It’s great in whole, in scenes, art, dialogue; it’s awesome.

2 responses to “The Eltingville Club (2014) #2”

  1. Matthew Hurwitz

    If you’ve read every other Eltingville story (the complete collection hardcover is coming out next year) this is not only a great two-part story but a beautiful finale full of little references to previous stories, like the Twilight Zone marathon and of course Bill and Josh’s battle over the 12 inch Kenner Boba Fett. When Josh asks if Bill still has the head and there’s two panels of beats before he pulls it out, I died of joy. And of course there’s a throwaway reference to the failure of the 2002 Adult Swim pilot, which is based in part on that story, to become a series.

  2. V Wiley

    This issue was just as acerbic as the last, and left me exhausted after laughing so much. This comic should be required reading for all fanboys, after which they can look into a mirror and decide if it was all worth it or not. Tough, tough, stuff. Nontheless, a modern masterpiece.

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