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The Auteur: Sister Bambi (2015) #3

The Auteur Sister Bambi  3


There’s some good stuff in this issue. Rex pleading with Coconut to understand his position–he had to take the financing from the Nazis in order to get his picture made–all while the serial killer guy watches and comments on his failures. As serial killer guy eats a shark raw. Or something like a shark.

But Spears’s big reveal for the second half of the issue–when Rex tries to wrestle back creative control–is weak. Spears goes for a zeitgeist topic while commenting on going for a zeitgeist topic. At first, it seems like it’s going to be offensive. But then it just ends up being a little lame. He’s trying way too hard on it.

Callahan’s got some good art but his pacing is all off. The first third is too condescended, the rest isn’t condescended enough.

It’s closer to flopping than it should be.

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