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Kaijumax (2015) #3

Kaijumax  3 crop

This issue of Kaijumax is the best so far. Three issues in, Cannon hasn’t really established how the comic reads yet–is it more humans or more monsters, for example. The balance will be worked out eventually. But not yet.

So this issue being the best so far can be something extremely fresh. And it is. It’s Mecha-Godzilla becoming a pacifist and arguing with his father (a human inventor) and older sister (a humanoid giant robot–well, shrunk down this issue) about his past mistakes during a prison visit. And then, lo and behold, the Godzilla stand-in (at least for the Mecha-Godzilla’s story) appears.

Meanwhile, the human guards are on an illegal mission to find a monster and have some crises, physical and emotional. It’s cool stuff from Cannon.

In addition to the great plotting, there are great kaiju movie references in the issue. It’s all fantastic.

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