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The Fiction (2015) #2

The Fiction  2

The Fiction is real close. Pires is there with the script, but artist Rubín is just a little too loose on the characters. He doesn’t age them right. It screws up the narrative flow–it almost looks like he’s trying to echo the characters at different ages (specifically when he’s in flashback to childhood, showing a flash of the adult version).

The problem is Pires’s script has different flashbacks to different times and their order needs to be clear visually and Rubín just confuses.

But the art’s good otherwise.

Pires’s getting tricky with the plot, tricky with some hints. But a good kind of tricky, the kind where he’s not so much showing off as inviting the reader to admire the story alongside him. It’s a really good issue; beautifully paced, so much of the pay-off in the last few pages as it cliffhangs.

Maybe Fiction will be special.

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