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Copperhead (2014) #9


Faerber does another Western standard this issue and it’s yet another success for Copperhead. The sheriff is leading a posse (her, three androids, one of the native guys–I think he’s a native guy, I can’t remember) to rescue Boo. It’s a standard Western. Only the androids have their own thing going on–two are bodyguards, one is the loner who’s been in the series hanging out and helping out.

And the sheriff’s human. And a woman. Faerber doesn’t mention those last two details; to make it work, he has to bake it into the comic. He does. With Godlewski’s expressions–not exactly detail to faces, but considered expressions–there’s os much to the posse’s hunt.

The sheriff isn’t the flashiest character in most of the issues, but she’s still the protagoni:ccst. Faerber is deliberate with how he showcases her. She’s responsibly reckless.

Copperhead continues to be a great read.

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