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Birthright (2014) #9

Birthright  9

It’s like Terminator 2. Birthright, at least this issue, reads like watching Terminator 2 for the first time. Well, parts of it; the really good action parts. Something about Bressan’s composition and the level of detail to figures in motion–the action scenes in the comic feel like a really well-executed movie action sequence.

It’s weird, since Birthright is a fantasy book. But it’s a fantasy setup put into an eighties action movie. Even the brother’s adventure (the little big brother) feels like an eighties action movie. These comparisons aren’t slights; Williamson’s writing a wonderful homage to that era and, more specifically, sentimentality to it.

It’s got to be intentional.

Anyway, at the same time, Williamson is building some other things (specifically the mom’s character as well as the complexities of the politics in the fantasy world). It works out. I still don’t like the cliffhangers, but good issue.

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