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Providence (2015) #2

Providence  2

It’s so good.

Providence is so good. This issue is creepy–from the cover alone–but also somewhat touching as protagonist Robert meets a fetching police detective while looking into a mythic Arabic text. It’s a talking heads book, beautifully composed with lush backgrounds and lots of visual information.

Providence is, even at the end of this issue, just drawing the reader in deeper. Moore again has very important back matter (though the protagonist’s diary is far more affecting, if not important, than “reprints” of scholarly material on the Arabic text).

Burrows’s art isn’t particularly precise. He’s rushed–some of his faces have a lot more personality than others (unless it’s going to be part of the narrative)–but he captures the mood perfectly.

The talking heads nature does mean there’s not a lot of development, not even after the back matter. The treading water doesn’t matter; it’s all good.

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  1. Providence is shaping up to be annoyingly good. I love how there are enough clues per issue to vaguely grasp the horror beneath the seemingly normal situation, prompting you to look up the particular story which inspired it (“The Horror at Red Hook” in this case, “The King in Yellow” last month) which then leaves you wanting to read that original story and flesh out some more details of the mystery. Sheesh, Crossed +100 only asks you to pick up on Moore’s made-up futurespeak. Providence makes me want to do additional homework reading Lovecraft.

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