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War Stories (2014) #6


I’ve got a suggestion for Ennis and Avatar on their War Stories. One issue stories, a decent artist a issue. No more guys like Aira, who can’t even hold together the perspective on the vehicles this issue. It’s just way too much.

And Ennis doesn’t have a story. He’s got a weak lecture from the sensitive, intellectual tankie about how Israel can’t compare everything to the Holocaust and they can’t be at war forever. The sergeant isn’t part of it because he’s one of Israel’s golems! That throwaway line is a lot more effective than the lengthy monologue about endless war.

Ennis stayed somewhat apolitical, just telling a history, until this point. Worse, he then tries to turn the golem sergeant into a different symbol at the end.

It’s very problematic work. Ennis has too much space, not a good enough artist and no editor crossing out lame, preachy monologues.

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