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Detectives Inc. (1985) #2

Detectives Inc  2

I love this comic. McGregor throws a whole lot of story at Rogers–I don’t think I’ve ever read another comic with one or two page “chapters” where there’s so much content. Rogers is probably fitting two to four pages of content onto each page. It’s amazing stuff, especially given Rogers also has a lot of design going on. And the dialogue; Detectives Inc. is a talking heads book where the people move around a lot.

But what’s so good about the issue is McGregor’s determination. He loses track of Denning, who actually does the investigating, and concentrates on Rainier, whose self-examination following hostility towards their lesbian client brings him to a new place.

McGregor only hints at all the factors at play–basic machismo, post-divorce wounding, being a vet–yet the subtlety all works. The mystery resolution’s somewhat anti-climatic, but who cares… McGregor and Rogers rock.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    In your spare time, you should investigate Eclipse comics. Dean Mullaney(?), and cat yronwood(?), were quite the indie couple, perhaps second only to Dave Sim and Deni Loubert(?) as indie publishers. My memory fails the exact spelling, sorry. But nonetheless, good comics history!

  2. Vernon wiley

    You know, I really didn’t care for the art of Marshall Rodgers. I’ll have to look this one up in the archives one of these days, seems like it deserves a rereading. Thanks!

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