Ultimate Six 1 (November 2003)

I’m not a big Trevor Hairsine fan–his Ultimate Cap is a disaster, for instance, but given Bendis’s writing of Ultimate Thor, I forgive Ultimate Six a lot.

It’s an Ultimates series too, not just Ultimate Spidey (which I forgot) and Bendis has a great time writing the Ultimates. He does quite well with the character interplays. It’s a lot fun; Bendis is able to present the Ultimates without a challenge, but still make them compelling. He probably would have made a great sitcom writer.

As for the titular six, they’re only kind of funny. Hairsine’s art is very dramatic, which makes them whining in group therapy less funny than it should be. And then there’s Norman. Norman’s totally nuts and all, but when he’s not bickering with Nick Fury, he’s tiring.

Bendis is having fun making fun of the Ultimate universe, which gives no indication of the series’ quality.

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