Taylor James Brandt stars in THE CODE, directed by Mark Blitch.

The Code (2011, Mark Blitch)

The Code starts with an extremely funny one liner. It’s maybe the most inspired one liner of its kind and with such a high achievement, the rest is undoubtedly in trouble.

Daylon Walton and Tamara Voss are the unfortunate horror film couple, necking in the woods, when the monsters appear. Except it’s not just one monster, it’s three (or four). Taylor James Brandt leads the zombies, who show up first. Todd Terry, as a chainsaw killer, interrupts them.

Bickering ensues. The dialogue isn’t great, but Brandt and Terry are absolutely fantastic. Brandt’s whining alone makes The Code worth a look.

Then a vampire shows up and another guest star. Then The Code falls apart completely. It’s not Blitch’s fault… at least not entirely. His composition and sense of movement are strong. It’s Voss. She’s awful. It’s like she doesn’t get the joke.

Regardless, it’s well-made; Brandt and Terry excel.



Edited, photographed and directed by Mark Blitch; written by Jason Walter Vaile and Alan Tregoning; music by Kevin MacLeod; produced by Blitch, Vaile and Tregoning.

Starring Daylon Walton (Chad), Tamara Voss (Vanna), Taylor James Brandt (Shaun), Todd Terry (Carl), Ben Cody Rogers (Neil) and Kevin A. Green (Kyle).


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