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Ka-Zar the Savage (1981) #1

Ka Zar the Savage  1

If the first issue is any indicator, Bruce Jones’s Ka-Zar is a mix of Conan, Tarzan and Woody Allen. This issue is Ka-Zar roaming around, acting like a petulant teenager (even though he’s apparently late twenties) and thinking about his crazy life.

It’s a rough life too. He starts the issue bedding Shanna of the Jungle (with a dinosaur looking on). Now, they’re not dating, they’re just the only two people in the Savage Land so occasionally they get together. The revelation of this character relationship is about when I decided Jones was doing a crazy good job.

After Shanna rejects his marriage proposal, Ka-Zar heads off looking for his cat. He discovers Conan-like new lands and a new girl. See, Shanna rejected his marriage proposal.

Adventure, romance and disappointment ensue.

With Brent Anderson’s great jungle adventure art, Ka-Zar is off to a great start.

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