Voodoo (2011) #2

Voodoo  2

Oh, man, is there really going to be a Kyle Rayner guest appearance next issue or is Marz’s just threatening?

I still like Voodoo (we’ll see what I say next month with the guest star), but Marz’s plotting is a lot loosier here and he has more places to stumble. There’s some weak dialogue and he’s not good at introducing the larger cast.

But it’s still a decent comic.

It’d be better if co-artist Hendry Prasetya did stronger work. I think Prasetya fills in the odd page here and there, because the book’s style is consistant. Every few pages, the art is much better and it’s obviously Basri.

Anyway, Marz does have some neat little plot developments (the strength of Voodoo, besides Basri, is the constant micro-revelations). And the character is strong. Marz is pretty darn good at writing a shapeshifting alien agent, which is still utterly surprising.

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    I found this one milding annoying with the tics of Marz’ writing starting to sink in. It has momentum, but there’s still so little substance here. If both creators can bring it up a notch we may have a comic book here. We’ll see.

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