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Nancy in Hell (2010) #3


Nancy in Hell loses Juan Jose Ryp… and, really, it doesn’t make much difference.

Oh, the art from Malaka Studio (no one is singled out) and Antonio Vasquez is fairly bad, but they follow Ryp’s initial ideas. Busty girl, big buff surfer dude, lots of gross stuff in Hell. In some ways, the art this issue is more what I would have expected overall. Except Ryp was a little too classy for it.

But Torres again uses the series for his theological ruminations. Lucifer, he decides here, is really more like a moronic child. Without freewill, even his creations in Hell can boss him around, just like God used to do.

When Lucifer has his big moment—getting up the courage to act like a man and not a Ken doll—it works.

Unfortunately, as he props up Lucifer, Torres weeks Nancy bit by bit. She’s starting to get annoying.

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