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Thor: The Mighty Avenger (2010) #5


Langridge ought to write the Marvel story bible on how characters should be portrayed. His Namor is at once more regal and more human than any other portrayal I’ve read. Langridge’s Namor isn’t the mass anarchist (or a jerk) and it makes for a great guest appearance.

Interestingly, in the same issue, we’re treated to the first look at Thor’s real regal brazenness, juxtaposed against Namor’s self-awareness.

This issue Thor takes Jane on a trip around the world. They miss some stuff because of the adventure with Namor, but what they do make it to—redwood trees, the Great Barrier Reef—immediately reminded me of something else.

It reminded me of Superman (the movie) and its unashamed embracing of the wonderment value. Langridge and Samnee are applying this cinematic gleefulness to a comic book. It only took thirty years.

Thor just keeps getting better. It’s fun, thoughtful and rewarding.

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