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Thor: The Mighty Avenger (2010) #3


It’s a Thor comic, but it’s kind of Henry Pym’s issue. Giant-Man and the Wasp guest-star this issue and Langridge goes far in giving them their nicest portrayal in many years. Flashbacks to Pym’s past bookend the issue; Langridge uses them to give the character a resonance totally unrelated to the events Thor’s experiencing in the issue’s main body. It’s interesting to see bookends without some kind of analog in the story. It’s very nice.

Even with the big (no pun intended) guest stars—I don’t think the Wasp even shrinks down here though—Langridge spends a lot of time developing Thor and Jane’s relationship. He uses her knowledge of Thor (from Edith Hamilton, no doubt) to further the narrative, giving Jane a crib sheet for Thor. One the reader presumably already has.

It makes for some nice, delicate scenes.

With Samnee’s great art, it’s another wondrous issue.

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  1. Easily one of the greatest books Marvel published last year. Or really, any year. It’s craft and vision have made it a timeless read, and the oversight you mention the contributors have; so few comics these days even posses this. It really stands out that a writer and artist would step back and actually look at what they’re doing , reacting to the ebb and flow of the events and where they want to take things next. This book makes Bendis mediocre writing look like he really ha no feel for what he’s doing with his characters. A primer of comics, not to be missed.

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