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Thor: The Mighty Avenger (2010) #2


As much as I love Samnee’s art—and Mighty Avenger is, to some degree, all about Samnee’s art (he manages to capture the wonderment factor of superheroes, a lost art… even though it’s set in Oklahoma)—one cannot ignore Langridge.

The issue opens with a great summary of the previous issue, then it continues a few hours later. These hours, off panel, are spent with Jane painstakingly glueing together an ancient urn. There’s a combination of humor and painful reality in that moment. Langridge makes Thor more realistic—with his characterizations being real people—than most mainstream comics.

It doesn’t hurt Langridge and Samnee take the time to pause and reflect on their fantastical story. They give the reader time to appreciate it—more, they give the characters those moments too. The issue ends with a lovely, sad, quiet scene with Thor and Jane staring at a rainbow.

It’s perfect.

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