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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #27


Here we get some promise of action (well, for next issue). Actually, the whole issue’s about promise.

Fraction promises the return of Rescue—a fine move, because Pepper made a very interesting superhero—as well as some Stark business developments. The action stuff he promises, which Tony and Rhodey zoom off to deal with at the end, is kind of temporary.

What Fraction’s doing with the comic, exploring the characters—this issue is Rhodey’s turn for a little examination—is very different for not just a mainstream book, but for a Fraction book.

He’s turning Iron Man into a rather good dramatic serial. The character interactions and relationship development are more important than the men in tights stuff.

It’s unfortunate he’s got Larroca on the art. The talking heads stuff is problematic (though Jack Klugman appears to be a reference—not for Tony) and the new armor looks too photoshop.

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