Avengers Prime (2010) #4


Does the Twilight Sword Hela kills Enchantress with—oops, did I spoil that? I’m sure she’ll be okay—have anything to do with the Twilight movies or is it established in Thor canon? Why does every Thor comic need footnotes and never have them?

This issue has a full-on Bendis conversation where we discover Thor bedded Hellcat. It’s a fun scene with Tony, Thor and Steve bonding (or rediscovering their bonds). Very nice moment, even if Bendis starts using his parenthetical dialogue asides on the previous page for Tony’s whining.

The problem with the series is Bendis’s inability to stay focused on the plot. This issue, the plot revolves around Hela and Enchantress… so why are those the lamest scenes?

Bendis has Davis—Davis can draw anything (he does talking heads, action and monsters here)—and the book’s beautiful. Bendis underutilizes him.

Bad final page, but a good issue.

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