Avengers Prime (2010) #3


There’s the Bendis dialogue no one was missing… nothing like Steve and Tony bickering like it’s a Kevin Smith movie and they haven’t been superheroes for the last forty or sixty years. There’s even a gay joke. How Smith could let Bendis just continually plagiarize Mallrats dialogue is beyond me….

But I digress.

This issue features Steve Rogers kicking butt, Tony riding naked on horseback (a lot) and some battle scene with Thor. The Thor stuff is the most important story element here, but it’s the least interesting because there’s no characters in it. The stuff with Steve and Tony—sometimes with painfully bad, snarky Bendis dialogue (everyone isn’t Spider-Man, it’s amazing he hasn’t learned that one yet)—makes the issue fun.

When Thor does rejoin them at the end, it’s nice to see he’s retained some elitism and racism. Gives the story texture.

Prime’s a totally fine read.

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