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Avengers Prime (2010) #1


Do you think Bendis called in Avengers Prime because Nimoy’s Spock is now known as Spock Prime? For some reason, it seems like a Marvel (read: Bendis) move (integrate blockbuster pop culture nomenclature).

Anyway, this first issue is pretty funny, actually. On one hand, it’s post-Siege and it’s Alan Davis so it’s very modern. I mean, sure, Davis is better than most “modern” artists, so Prime looks great… but he’s modern. Bendis’s dialogue, being polite, is on par for eighties Marvel books. It’s to the point and tin-eared. I didn’t notice any Bendis dialogue quirks this issue, actually.

But the setup? It’s straight out of the sixties. Thor, Captain America and Iron Man basically trip and fall down the rabbit hole into the story. It’s leagues past contrived.

Still, there’s a lot of charm to it. It’s a very comfortable read, even if—ludicrously—Iron Man has teeth.

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