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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #109


I can’t believe I’m about to make this statement—I liked Milgrom’s story the best. It’s some charming little thing about a guy treating his roaches as pets (after all other attempts at pet owning in New York fail). Milgrom’s style is more comic strip than I’ve seen and it works. Even if the protagonist does look like Peter Parker with a receding hairline.

Pope’s One Trick opens the issue and I remembered all the characters in this installment. One of them was mentioned briefly in the first installment. One Trick doesn’t seem to be meant for a lengthy, interrupted read. Pope’s pacing suggests it should be read in a sitting (I know Dark Horse traded it eventually).

Devil Chef ends this issue… it’s a slightly less annoying read knowing Pollock won’t be back with it next time.

And French’s Ninth Gland? Still no real story, just incredibly, uncomfortably weird.

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  1. Gosh, I’m working from memory on this, and I’m too lazy to go dig this one out of my collection to refer to. Pope’s story is MUCH better collected. I don’t think serialization will ever work on an artist so devoted to going from point A to point B in a story. Chapters only break up the nuances of his work. I do agree about the identity problems looking at the cast. I think when I first read this I chalked it up to the ethnicity of the gang (asians?). I seem to remember Devil Chef differently than you. But then, I’m a bigger fan of Big Blown baby than you were so maybe I’m just more sympathetic to stupid gross out humor. French’s Ninth Gland finishes even more disgustingly than
    this. Be prepared. I can’t even remember the Milgrom story. I wonder if this was printed after he got canned from Marvel. I just can’t imagine why he’d be here otherwise.

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