Strange Science Fantasy (2010) #1


Morse takes a peculiar approach here. I imagine he chose it to lessen the illustrating load. He has three panels a page, no dialogue, all very overdone exposition. He’s mimicking the tone of a sensational movie poster or comic book cover.

And it works.

There’s not a single character in the comic, yet it’s totally engaging. The story is set in the near future where some kind of car racing celebrity becomes the new messiah. Oh, he shines a light out of his face, but he’s basically just a race car driver.

Morse mixes visual elements from all sorts of fifties and sixties pop culture media. The racing movie, the sci-fi movie; but he also embraces the modernity (particularly when showcasing “normal” people).

It’s a successful amalgamation of popular culture, put to a familiar plot structure. Interestingly, he doesn’t bother with a cliffhanger.

Pope contributes a nice final page.

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    Ordered a grand total of two copies of this for the shelves, and the two customers that picked it up enjoyed it. The visuals didn’t do much for me, and the captions left me cold enough not to read it. When the trade comes out I’ll make it a point to sample this. You certainly made a compelling case.

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