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Soldier Zero (2010) #2


It’s actually kind of impressive how substantial a read Cornell makes this issue… especially since it takes place over about an hour. Unfortunately, Cornell’s writing failures here are the kind of thing….

A big part of the issue is what voice Soldier Zero is talking to the protagonist with. The Soldier Zero part (which goes from a Dick Tracy wristwatch to a full-sized armor thing) mimics voices—the protagonist’s, his brother’s, a girl he kind of knows… Obama’s.

Somehow Cornell didn’t take into account the reader is reading this comic book, not listening to it. He has these cues in the dialogue to let the reader know what voice Soldier Zero is using, which just makes it even more painful.

The series reminds me of an eighties sci-fi show, only updated to be “support our troops” friendly. They should put a ribbon on the cover.

Plus, Pina’s inconsistent.

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