The Damned: Prodigal Sons (2008) #1


I’m not sure when Bunn and Hurtt came up with the idea for Prodigal Sons, but it seems like it was during the last issue of the first Damned series.

Here, Eddie’s not the protagonist. Instead, it’s his brother (Morgan, I think). And we find out Eddie was always cursed, ever since he was a little kid. Sins of the father it turns out.

Bunn’s story explores a little of Eddie’s past, but mostly it’s just one surprise after the other (the demon and Eddie’s father, the demon’s daughter eating a dove, Eddie killing himself, the singer at the club about to touch him). There’s no thought to the pacing.

There’s very little story here. The first series had all sorts of layers. This issue suggests there will be none in the sequel.

Hurtt’s art is still fantastic… even if he isn’t illustrating as engaging of a script this time.

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