The Damned (2006) #4


I’m not sure if I just remember the twist in The Damned or if it’s obvious. It’s probably a little of both.

Here, in the fourth issue, Bunn gets around to really establishing the demon mythology (still no word on when they first showed up). Hurtt really shows his range here. He’s got the period architecture, gangsters, street fights between demons… but then he also has this “secret history of demons” stuff to illustrate.

See, as fallen angels left Heaven it was a migration to Hell (this revelation, which maybe doesn’t make much difference, is just a great detail from Bunn) and so Hurtt draws some of it. It’s simply beautiful.

Bunn and Hurtt get a lot done this issue. Hurtt even has two full page panels and they’ve got a lot of story. This issue might be my favorite of the series, just because they do so much stuff.

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