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The Damned (2006) #3


I think this issue is Bunn’s first all action issue. I guess it’s not all action, but the second half is a long action sequence (a gunfight) punctuated by a mob shootout. The opening is some more weirdness going on with the demons and Eddie talking to the Worm.

Bunn’s dialogue makes the Worm sequence move fast enough it’s not entirely disgusting–it’s still darn gross though.

Eddie continues his investigation (what’s so great about Damned is how it’s a pre-noir noir) and gets into that gunfight. It’s a beautiful sequence from Hurtt. Eddie’s falling flights of stairs, he’s shooting from cover. Just fantastic design and execution. Still, it’s just a big long action sequence.

There’s some hinting at what’s to come–Bunn introduces some more backstory here (though I don’t think we ever hear about demons first appearing on the mortal plain).

It’s good, but it ends wanting.

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  1. Wanting, that pretty much sums Damned up for me. Throughout two series, there were perhaps too many unanswered questions about the situation that nullified my full enjoyment of the series. Sixth Gun seems to have the two in perfect chemistry together, and no holes in the story needed to be filled. Bunn and Hurtt seem to have their sea legs working in tandem now.

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