The Damned (2006) #2


Hurtt gets really gross this issue. Not so much in the first half. The first half is all demons and bigger demons and Eddie being all beat up. The second half has a multi-eyed demon with all his eyes torn out wrapped in barbed wire. Then there’s the Worm, who Bunn first mentioned last issue. It’s a gigantic, multi-eyed worm thing. Its human sister is Eddie’s love interest.

It’s very disquieting. Especially since the demons look like something out of a Disney movie. They aren’t scary. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to keep them apart. Thank goodness for the narration identifying them.

Bunn’s got a lot in this issue again. He only introduces one more major character (wait, two, the Worm). But he’s talked about both before, so Damned has room for them.

It’s a serious, unpleasant book. Hurtt’s art just makes it even more striking.

It’s great stuff.

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