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The Damned (2006) #1


It’s amazing how much Bunn fits into this issue. It really shows what a comic can do without ads to worry about.

He does a cinematic opening of the protagonist—Eddie—being resurrected. Then he has Eddie meet up with one gangster (all the major gangsters are demons, not sure Bunn ever bothers explaining it), then another, then he goes off investigating something, then there’s a big conclusion.

Also there’s a girl.

The comic probably has fourteen scenes. All of it with beautiful Hurtt art. He’s doing a thirties gangster picture, only with the occasional horror sequence. Oh, wait, I even forgot Eddie’s memories of the afterlife.

Bunn introduces a bunch of material, a complicated situation, a half dozen characters and gets the reader familiar enough with all of them he’s able to bring even more information.

It’s a beautiful comic. I love Hurtt, but Bunn’s script’s the key here.

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