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Time Bomb (2010) #3


Well, if anything, this issue of Time Bomb does feature Gulacy’s best two panels in the last… five years? I’m trying to remember the last time anything he did wowed me. It’s been a long time, but there are a couple close-ups here… it’s just beautiful art. It got me looking at the rest of his design and his panel layouts still have some imagination. They just don’t have finishing.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty uneventful final issue. It’s an all action issue. The series started out high concept but it’s not anymore. Palmiotti and Gray are so low on ideas, they spend most of their dialogue making fun of Germans. None of it’s funny or even imaginative. It’s like they Googled German jokes and inserted them into the script. The Leni Riefenstahl reference is particularly bad.

Oh, and they resurrect Hitler for some reason.

Still, it could’ve been worse.

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