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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #74


I think Madwoman would read better as a single narrative, instead of sectioned off into installments. Jordorowsky makes a major plot addition this installment–the protagonist hallucinates his younger self as an advisor when it comes to being inappropriate with one of his students–and it just changes the tone completely from the last entry. The content might more fit Moebius… but the writing is nowhere near as strong.

Then there’s The Chairman, from Moore and Robinson. Robinson is not ready to be illustrating professionally. His figures are loose, his action is awful… Dark Horse has been publishing good artists in Presents (or at least recognized ones) for quite a while. Robinson is step back. Of course, Moore’s writing is really dumb, sci-fi stuff; they just don’t care.

The Eudaemon story finishes here. Nelson’s art will have these fine panels, then terrible ones. But the writing… wow, it stinks.

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  1. Being an old fart I marvel at the way you can go on vacation, read stuff, and post it on your blog. Way too cool. Yeah, it’s sad the way Iron Fist finished. that’s generally the way it goes in mainstream. Even when the big two get it right they still don’t get it. But perhap’s that’s also just the way the organic stream of this business goes along. STILL having fun discovering the odd shit in DHP. Looking forward to seeing what’s next after Iron Fist.

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