The Immortal Iron Fist (2007) #21


This issue might be Swierczynski’s best. It’s one of the done in one other Iron Fist issues and Swierczynski does something a little different. He does a future story. It really nicely fits the mythology Brubaker and Fraction established, while some descendant of Danny’s becoming the youngest Iron Fist.

But the Iron Fist of the future isn’t the protagonist, it’s a young girl growing up on a really lousy planet, apparently colonized by the Chinese (they know to call K’un-L’un for help). It’s an all action issue, with a lot of tension, and Swierczynski does a fantastic job with it all.

It doesn’t hurt he’s got Green on the art. Green’s able to mix future landscapes, Kung Fu and robots into something totally organic looking. It’s lovely to see.

Swierczynski’s also being subtle here. The ending is almost entirely given away early, if one does his or her math.

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