Tron (2011) #2


Most of this issue is completely awful. Some of the fault is David’s, some of it is Pierfederici’s, some is Marvel’s. The adaptation clearly needs three issues, not two–David manages to get the comic back on track in the last pages, adding some sense of reason to the final events (something the movie skips over too, which is perfect for a kids movie).

Pierfederici is mostly awful this issue, trying to compress a bunch of action set pieces into a few pages. If someone hasn’t seen the movie, it’d be impossible to understand what’s going on.

David takes a lot of shortcuts too, which isn’t so bad, but instead of just using narration to move things along, he cuts. He cuts and he keeps the bad film dialogue.

I was looking forward to this part of the adaptation because I thought Pierfederici’d do something with the visuals.

He doesn’t.

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