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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #45


While the letters page informs me Wagner’s Aerialist isn’t homophobic, but then I wonder why I haven’t seen any comics in Dark Horse Presents where a guy forces a woman to have sex to degrade her. Because the story ends with the boyfriend of the protagonist forcing himself on him (after the protagonist was off having a clandestine meeting with a beautiful woman). A great sociological mind, Wagner is not.

Crash Davis is a lot of fun, even though the Soviets are now backing the American sky pirates. Harris’s approach seems to be a thirties serial, only with some modern sensibilities. Harris also includes the workers’ plight.

I can’t believe John Byrne never pushed DC to sue over Spivey and Mielcarek’s entry. It’s Superman crapping on Lana because he’s with Lois, done in Man of Steel‘s style. Hard to say what’s worse–Spivey’s amateurish, fanfic writing or Mielcarek’s awful art.

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