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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #10


This issue Concrete gets into a fight with a bear and nearly loses. In some ways, since Chadwick isn’t going for the saccharine, it works better than any other Concrete story so far. Except it’s basically a reluctant superhero story, so it’s not the traditional Concrete story.

Again, somewhat weak art from Chadwick.

It’s hard to judge Badger’s art on The Mask (spelled Masque here) since it’s supposed to be nuts. The story is only somewhat successful, since nothing happens. It’s an action scene where the bad guys we just met get killed. I guess it’s interesting the bad guys are federal agents, but not really.

The last story, from Stradley and Salmons, is a space alien marooned story. Salmons must like those. The art is, as usual for Salmons, a little too confusing to effectively tell the story. It’s decent enough, but far from spectacular–it’s way too slight.

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