The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #17


Tony gets real stupid this issue. Maybe too stupid. I’m not sure how Fraction’s going to bring this off at the end and keep the character. He might just have Tony restore a backup or something.

Anyway, the issue opens with Pepper Potts in Madame Masque’s outfit. Fraction is apparently saving that reveal for next issue, but it’s pretty obvious. It’s also implied Pepper managed to lock Madame Masque in the Rescue armor.

Some more lazy Larroca faces–this time, as usual, Norman Osborn. Larroca’s back to relying on the colorist for shading. It doesn’t work well.

Maria Hill and Black Widow get captured and Captain America has a one page cameo. Oh, Tony might have lost so much of his memory he thinks Steve Rogers is still alive. Or maybe he just knew Steve was trapped in time all along.

At this point, Maria Hill stuff is beyond tiresome.

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