The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #14


Okay, I finally understand what’s going on with Tony and the hard drive brain erasing. He needs to go from suit to suit to use their power sources to power the deletion. He can’t just use the stockpile of suits he had in the first or second issue of the arc because Norman Osborn found them. Somehow.


Fraction’s never explained it clearly, but here he does, when he has Tony explain it all to the Crimson Dynamo. I thought the Crimson Dynamo was bad, but it turns out he’s not anymore. In fact, he mouths off to Norman in a really funny scene.

Larroca changes his style a little bit here, doing a lot more line work, relying less on the colorist for shading.

The issue’s got some good stuff, but it’s getting pretty clear Fraction’s hiding Tony’s final plan–if he wants his brain erased, there’re easier ways.

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