The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #8


I do love Matt Fraction.

I started this issue ready to pounce because I’m just a negative kind of guy, but also because he opens with three separate narrators–Tony, Maria Hill and Pepper.

None of them narrator for very long and Fraction’s omniscient third person narrator doesn’t stick around the whole issue. It’s just setup and the issue needs setup because it’s not clear what it’s going to be about until the end.

Tony decides to mess with the newly all-powerful Norman Osborn.

Fraction ends the issue with Pepper, Tony and Maria hanging out at a toy factory with Tony revealing his plans. The issue could have actually used more exposition, since it’s all a Secret Invasion followup and I didn’t read that series.

Larroca’s art is funny. He doesn’t keep faces consistent between panels–his Osborn looks completely different one panel to the next.

Still, it’s great.

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