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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #6


This issue drags.

It opens with Trekker‘s story line ending. Hopefully Dark Horse just gave Randall his own series so I don’t have to read any more of it. The story nearly gets okay on the last page, but it’s still got Randall’s awful writing to bring it back down. The art’s real lazy too.

Workman’s Roma continues to be a Love and Rockets knock-off, but at least this issue it’s a little more engaging. The strong design sense comes through a lot, creating a nice looking story, but not a particularly good one.

I’d like to say Concrete‘s back on track but only slightly. Chadwick does a Concrete in Hollywood–with hints at Concrete’s real identity (Ron). It’s supposed to be funny and the end is supposed to be funny but it’s really just mediocre.

Then, for the close, Mattsson plagiarizes some of Dune in a weak effort.

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  1. I myself really never saw the reason for people’s liking of Concrete. To me, they were all decently drawn dull stories of a character that had little chance of development. And yes, I beleive Trekker was given a mini series to play with, so you won’t see it in DHP for quite some time I believe.

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