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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #5


There’s very little to say about this issue’s Concrete story. It’s not a bad story, just another waste of time–though I guess the art is nowhere near as strong as usual. The story’s about this young woman who wants to be an artist and wants Concrete to be her subject. When she meets him, does she overcome her urban withdrawal and talk to him?


Then there’s John Workman’s Roma. Workman–who’s lettered just about everything at one time or another–initially gives the impression of being a really good artist. Then it becomes clear he’s way too design oriented. As far as the writing, I think Los Bros Hernandez should have pursued plagiarism charges. Roma reads almost exactly like early Love and Rockets.

I could barely follow Randall’s writing on Trekker so I’m hoping it passes quietly from my memory.

Smith’s animated animal adventure is, once again, charming.

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  1. It gets better as the submission standard rises once word of this book gets out and creators realize it’s a forum for short pieces.

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