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The Sixth Gun (2010) #1


I’d heard the colors are amazing in The Sixth Gun and whoever does them deserves as much credit as Hurtt. Turns out Hurtt does the colors.

It’s an interesting setup. Bunn fills the first three-quarters of the issue with information, whether about the titular artifact (it seems to be a pistol giving its user flawless aim and some kind of telepathy) or just dialogue. He takes his time, using full scenes to introduce the guy and the girl protagonists… assuming they’re the eventual protagonists.

But then he rushes through the finish. It’s a big elaborate action sequence with a bunch of monks using artillery against the undead. It looks great thanks to Hurtt but Bunn is padding it out. There’s no reason for the storytelling to slow down so much, not after the previous, rather full action sequences.

It’s a good first issue, but needed a little more story.

Writer, Cullen Bunn; artist, colorist and letterer, Brian Hurtt; editors, Jill Beaton,

Charlie Chu and James Lucas Jones; publisher, Oni Press.

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