Battlefields (2010) #1

B2010 1

Ennis is off to a fine start with the second round of Battlefields, this time covering Australian fliers during World War II. All Battlefields are WWII, aren’t they?

Anyway, it’s a fine start, with some nice humor at the end. It’s a pretty straightforward story, which might be why he’s opening with it–a solid war story.

In fact, it’s so straightforward, so solid, I’m really not sure where it’s going. There’s nothing revolutionary to it so far. It’s about a rookie pilot joining an experienced bomber crew. Ennis narrates the story through the pilot’s letters back home to his father, which maybe foreshadows of some tragedy… but it’s too soon to tell.

It’s maybe the most “enjoyable” Battlefields issue, as there’s no real dread yet. I’m sure there will be.

Hogan’s art isn’t realist, it’s emotive–maybe comic strip influenced. I’ll bet it looks wondrous in black and white.

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