Daytripper (2010) #4


This issue should have been the second. Each issue ends with the protagonist’s death. It’s not clear yet whether Brás (the protagonist) is just writing himself obituaries on momental days–he was an obituary writer in his twenties and thirties–or if he’s actually dying at the end of every issue. If he’s writing the obituaries… it’s maybe the most distinctive thing about him.

Until now.

Every issue is also a different age–the first issue, Brás is thirty-two, here he’s forty-one (it’s the first time he’s been older than the age of his first “death”). Moon and Bá make him distinctly unsympathetic here. The character is now haggard and drawn; he lacks the useful enthusiasm he had before. According to the obituary this issue, he’s happy in his life… but he doesn’t seem it.

Then there’s the cruelty he shows to his half sister. It’s particularly shocking.

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