Daytripper (2010) #3


Daytripper, specifically this issue, raises a big question–is the story universal? Does it work if the protagonist isn’t some soulful, devastatingly handsome Brazilian guy. The first issue does, the second issue doesn’t… and I don’t think this issue would work if the protagonist looked like George Costanza.

This issue cuts back on the mystical realism, instead doing an intense relationship depression drama. It’s a fine issue. It also answers, while raising a few more, the question I had at the end of the last issue. Now, instead of having these questions answered next issue, I imagine I will have to wait until the end of the series–they might not even be answered at all.

This issue really gives a feel for the setting, the daily life of the protagonist. There’s a nice, well written scene about coffee. It’s such a calm book, even though it’s almost always chaotic.