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Daytripper (2010) #1


Could this comic be more depressing?

I’m going to use a word here and I don’t want anything thinking it’s pejorative or in some way dismissive. Daytripper is precious. It’s deliberate and it’s precious. I can’t believe Vertigo put it out; it’s a personal piece from Moon and Bá and they’re not discreet about it. It’s luscious, vibrant. Vertigo doesn’t do books like this one, not even when they do good stuff (i.e. it has zero commercial appeal).

But the issue, a day in the life of its protagonist, isn’t art-centric. The protagonist is a writer, his friend who has the longest scene is a writer, his bad day is about his father, who is also a writer. It’s filled with writing samples from the protagonist, giving it an air of dejection and surrender.

I’m trying to think of a sustained happy moment, but I don’t there this is one.

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