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Air (2008) #5


Perker’s full page of Amelia Earhart alive and well in the pages of Air might be the ugliest piece of artwork in the issue. And the issue is full of ugly artwork.

It’s also full of swearing. I don’t think the comic was PG before, but Wilson’s apparently gotten tired of writing dialogue so every third word starts with an f.

Before the lame ending and all the cursing and the worsening art–and Perker did such a good job the last few issues–I was going to make a comment about it reading like a sequel to Nevada, which I mentioned before.

For all the quirks and fantastical details, Wilson can’t seem to get a handle on actual humor. She’s also changed up the supporting cast again–not a nice thing to do every three issues–but the lack of humor bugs me.

Air’s mildly endearing, but never amusing.

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  1. Air for me had some amusing moments, but I was never able to really get into the characters or sympathize with them. The pseudo science that went on also didn’t grab me either. MK Perker’s artwork always seemed serviceable at best, using one thickness of line that wasn’t much for the eyes, and an astounding lack of detail in the backgrounds (but perhaps this was a necessity for a monthly). Air to me it was always soewhat of a quirky soap opera, but not a comic I could really take seriously as a heavyweight.

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