Batman (1940) #358


It’s a strange use of Curt Swan. Something about his Killer Croc just doesn’t work. The scales, the figure… he like a Gold Key Star Trek alien. Otherwise, the art is fantastic. Swan does something with Batman’s cowl I’ve never seen before and it’s just great.

The story isn’t bad. It’s Batman hunting Killer Croc while Croc is proving himself to the Gotham underworld. Lots of action, not much character stuff. There’s a scene with Dick and Bruce where Bruce internally laments Dick being hopeful. It’s kind of funny but not really… Conway is trying to make Bruce more serious, but then has him run foolishly into fight after fight this issue–while reminding the reader he just got beat up last issue for similar behavior.

It’s a somewhat indistinct issue, while Croc coming off more like a Spider-Man villain than a Batman one (but then, Croc’s lasted, hasn’t he?).

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