Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #90


People used to read this comic on purpose? Like, they’d go to the store and buy it and want to read it?

Maybe this issue isn’t the norm, but something tells me Milgrom’s writing isn’t going to be much better when he’s writing Spider-Man than when he’s writing the Black Cat. I mean, the issue ends with Spidey jumping to a negative conclusion when he finds her outside Aunt May’s house.

And he should jump to a negative conclusion.

This issue reminded me of everything I used to loathe about the Black Cat as a love interest. She spent almost all of her page time griping about Peter Parker being lame. This issue it’s maybe ninety percent, since it’s her issue.

Then there’s the art. It’s pretty weak.

Maybe I’m not giving Milgrom credit. Maybe he is trying to portray the Black Cat, universally, as a completely annoying twit.

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